Mandiri WIRA

Mandiri Tunas Finance provides an opportunity for all Indonesian people to become more independent in supporting the Indonesian economy by becoming part of Mandiri WIRA.

Mandiri WIRA is a business partner of Mandiri Tunas Finance which works as an individual / group / media using the direct bidding method  to customers (referrals). The criteria and conditions sought are:

  • Male / Female, at least 21 years old
  • Have KTP and NPWP
  • Having a broad network is preferred
  • Willing to provide time for regular visits and training from Mandiri Tunas Finance
  • Willing to go through the verification process by the Mandiri Tunas Finance team
  • Willing to submit applications for prospective debtors to Mandiri Tunas Finance

Join Mandiri WIRA and be part of Mandiri Tunas Finance's business development. Facilities offered:

  • Earnings of up to tens of millions of rupiah
  • Free full training and modules from Mandiri Tunas Finance
  • Free calculation simulation and supporting applications
  • Free Tour Tour*

*Terms and conditions apply

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