General Questions

General Questions

    Consumers can pay via:
    1. Nearest MTF branch office
    2. Mandiri and BCA ATMs
    3. Online POS Office
    4. Mandiri and BCA Internet Banking
    5. Teller Bank Mandiri and BCA
    6. Autocall Bank Mandiri and BCA

Yes...Every vehicle that has been processed for financing through MTF is protected by vehicle insurance.

    There are 2 types of coverage, namely
  • Comprehensive (All Risk)
  • and TLO (Total Loss Only)

The Comprehensive type of coverage is a type of coverage that protects the vehicle against partial / total damage and partial / total loss according to the policy clause. Meanwhile, TLO coverage is a type of coverage that protects the vehicle from overall damage and loss according to the policy clauses.

    Documents required for damage/partal claims:
    1. Photocopy of KTP
    2. Photocopy of driver's license
    3. Photocopy of STNK
    4. Photocopy of the Policy
    5. Insurance Claim Form
    Meanwhile, for submitting loss claims, these are:
    1. Photocopy of KTP
    2. Insurance Claim Form
    3. Missing report from local police
    4. STNK Block Letter
    5. Police Sergeant Cadet Letter (mandatory)

You can immediately get the BPKB provided you have paid off the remaining debt along with fines (if any and have previously booked the BPKB at the nearest branch anywhere).

The conditions for collecting BPKB are very easy via the nearest MTF branch office anywhere, by telephone to the PT Mandiri Tunas Finance branch before paying the final installment. When the BPKB is ready, they will be informed and come with the original KTP and proof of payment.