Whistle Blower

Whistle Blower System

As with the application of the principles of Good Corporate Governance in the management of PT. Mandiri Tunas Finance has built a mechanism for handling violations starting from reporting (Whistle Blowing System), the handling process and feedback to management and the reporter.


The Whistle Blowing System is inseparable from the Anti-Corruption Mechanism of PT. Mandiri Tunas Finance where in enforcing regulations, work and business ethics, Company values, feedback for Management and whistleblowers, the public or whistleblowers can submit reports regarding alleged violations of the principles of Good Corporate Governance and applicable ethical values based on evidence that can be accounted for and with good intentions for the benefit of the company. Where the identity of the reporter is confidential and the report can be submitted by the reporter without including his identity (anonymous).


Reports are submitted via communication media to designated work units for easy follow-up, namely the website< /p>


The problem will then be followed up by a committee which is part of several work units appointed to determine follow-up reporting, follow-up steps and provide feedback to the reporter.

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