Employee Code of Ethics

Last updated Tuesday, 28 February 2023

In connection with the ratification of POJK Number 6 of 2022 concerning Consumer and Community Protection in the Financial Services Sector, Article 7 paragraph (2) regulates that "PUJK (Financial Services Business Actors) are obliged to have and implement a Code of Ethics for Consumer and Community Protection that has been established by each PUJK".

Considering that the values ​​espoused in this POJK are in line with Officer Culture, especially "Customer Focus", the Consumer Protection Unit and Human Capital Division collaborated to update the Employee Code of Ethics.

The renewal of the Code of Ethics Statement is a form of MTF's commitment to prioritizing consumer protection in the business activities it carries out. The following are several Codes of Ethics for MTF OFFICERS:

  • Must carry out basic duties in accordance with the job description and other duties determined by the Company.
  • Devote all your abilities to the Company, do not work and commit yourself to third parties, whether individuals or business entities or other institutions to obtain compensation, unless you have received written permission from the Company.
  • Always base all actions by prioritizing the interests of the Company, not prioritizing personal/organizational/group profits (conflict of interest).
  • Accept and understand that the compensation provided by the Company is in accordance with its duties and responsibilities, so it will not ask for and receive compensation in any form from parties related to the Company.
  • Maintain yourself to act professionally, so that you will not make efforts or actions that could harm parties related to the Company, including but not limited to Clients, Debtors (Customers), Relationships in matters that may violate the code of ethics.
  • Committed to and upholding the following values ​​and principles of Consumer Protection:
    • Maintain yourself to always be trustworthy in your work and will always maintain the confidentiality of all information, transactions, data confidentiality and assets that consumers have entrusted to the Company.
    • Ensure openness of information and transparency to MTF Consumers in the business processes carried out;
    • Provide fair services without discrimination and implement responsible business behavior towards consumers;
    • Provide the best service in handling complaints and resolving disputes effectively and efficiently.
  • Maintain yourself to always be trustworthy in your work and will always maintain the confidentiality of:
    • All information and data regarding the Company that can be categorized as Company secrets.
    • All secret codes that have been entrusted to me in order to carry out my duties.
  • Uphold decency and avoid scandals among fellow employees.
  • Maintain yourself to act professionally at work by avoiding direct family relationships with any of the employees in the Company (father, mother, wife, brothers, sisters and children).
  • Always prioritize Company tasks, do not use work time for personal business.
  • Avoid influencing or inviting other employees to do things that are contrary to applicable laws/government regulations.
  • Willing to hand back everything that is not my right to the Company even though this happened through no fault of my own.
  • Be present at work and ready to carry out tasks at the appointed time.
  • Wear an Identification Card / Employee Identity Card provided by the Company while on the Company premises.
  • Wear work clothes that have been determined by the Company with the criteria of being polite, clean and neat while carrying out your duties/work.
  • Be polite and maintain an atmosphere of brotherhood and friendliness in the work environment. Avoid using physical violence, threatening, slandering or defaming fellow colleagues, which can disrupt the smooth running of work.
  • Maintain a healthy and clean work environment, and abstain from misuse of psychotropic drugs and illegal drugs, including in terms of use, distribution, trade and possession.
  • Always properly maintain all office equipment used. If any equipment is damaged or lost, I am obliged to immediately report it to my direct superior with an official report, then my superior will report it to the General Affairs Department or Related Division.
  • The company can ask me for compensation if there is damage to company goods or other losses due to intent or negligence.
  • Office equipment, documents or any items are Company inventory and are not permitted to be taken home, unless permission has been obtained from the direct superior.
  • Store all important Company documents in a locked cupboard / safe place.
  • Report to the Company every time there is a change in data relating to myself.
  • Notify your immediate superior verbally or in writing if you are unable to attend due to illness for no more than 1 (one) day.
  • If you are unable to attend due to illness for more than 1 (one) day, you are required to submit a written report to your immediate superior by attaching a sick certificate from a doctor.
  • If I am absent from work for at least 5 (five) consecutive working days and have been summoned via registered post by the Company 2 (two) times in writing on different days within those 5 (five) working days, and If I cannot provide written information with valid evidence in accordance with the Company's provisions, I am considered to have resigned and the Company can carry out the process of terminating my employment relationship.
  • Comply with laws and regulations in the field of employment.
  • Comply with Operational Procedures & Administrative procedures outlined by the Company
  • Uphold and implement the Company's cultural values.