Financing Products

Last updated Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Mandiri Tunas Finance serves motor vehicle financing according to your needs with attractive, easy and fast financing packages. The products that we finance are as follows:

  1. Car Financing

    Mandiri Tunas Finance finances the purchase of a new car with installment payments from total income. Almost all car brands have been financed by Mandiri Tunas Finance with the support of dealer cooperation and ATPM for various car brands. Mandiri Tunas Finance also has a special KKB (motor vehicle credit) product for Bank Mandiri customers.

    For further explanation, contact our Customer Care on 1500059 (Service time: every working day, Monday – Friday, 08.30 – 17.30 WIB)

  2. Motorcycle Financing

    Mandiri Tunas Finance provides financing for premium motorbikes with prices above 100 million rupiah for all regions of Indonesia. For information on credit simulation calculations, please contact the nearest Mandiri Tunas Finance branch office.

    For further explanation, contact our Customer Care on 1500059 (Service time: every working day, Monday – Friday, 08.30 - 17.30 WIB)

  3. Large Scale Motor Vehicle Financing (Fleet Financing)

    To meet the company's needs in providing motorized vehicle facilities for its employees, Mandiri Tunas Finance also provides Cars Ownership Program (COP) and Motorcycles Ownership Program (MOP) financing for consumers company/business entity. Apart from that, Mandiri Tunas Finance also provides financing facilities for commercial vehicles (commercial vehicles) and passenger cars (passenger cars) for companies that need operational vehicles to help with their business activities.

  4. Heavy Equipment Financing

    To support the development of the industrial and infrastructure sectors, Mandiri Tunas Finance also provides heavy equipment financing facilities for corporate/legal entity consumers with leasing financing facilities.

    For companies/legal entities who wish to apply for Fleet Financing and Heavy Equipments financing, you can contact the telephone numbers below during working days and hours:

    • Ardijanto (081808610010)
    • Ronauli (081808889698)
    • Didi (081808070089)
    • Kadek Ryan (081805535755)
  5. Multipurpose Financing
    Providing credit/financing to customers for consumer needs, with the guarantee of vehicle ownership documents owned by the customer. The types of consumptive needs are for:
    • Education
    • Wedding
    • Home renovation
    • Travel
    • Health
    • Other
    Multipurpose credit benefits, namely:
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Easy and fast process
    • Financing tenor up to 3 years
    • Affordable and fixed monthly installments
    • Health
    • Easy payment method via Bank Mandiri auto debit