Mandiri Tunas Finance Changes Commissioner, This is the New Arrangement!

Wednesday, 5 July 2023

Mandiri Tunas Finance Changes Commissioner, This is the New Arrangement!

Jakarta – PT Mandiri Tunas Finance (MTF), a finance company owned by PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI), announced changes to its leadership structure with the appointment of a new Board of Commissioners.

This was agreed at the MTF General Meeting of Shareholders held on Tuesday (27/6/2023). The changes occurred in the position of Independent Commissioner.

Currently, the position of Independent Commissioner is held by Fendy Eventius Mugni, after previously being held by Ravik Karsidi. Even so, Fendy has to wait for the results of the fit and proper test from the OJK.

Previously, Fendy was known to be a Commissioner in a tourism subsidiary of BUMN, namely PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (Persero) (HIN). Referring to the page, Fendy is the founder and National Presidium of PENA 98 (National Association of Activists 98). He has also worked as Country Manager at PT EFLAG Solutions Indonesia which operates in the telecommunications sector. Then, in 2014 Fendy founded and served as CEO of PT KOTELINDO (Indonesian Telecommunication City).

He also initiated an agency that provides business opportunities for the community, resulting in the formation of BUMI POSPERA (POSPERA volunteer Independent Business Entity), one of which provides independence for disabled people, especially the deaf.

Therefore, the newest ranks of Commissioners and Directors of Mandiri Tunas Finance are as follows:

Board of Commissioners

  1. Chief Commissioner : Rico Adisurja Setiawan
  2. Commissioner : Totok Priyambodo
  3. Independent Commissioner : Fendy Eventius Mugni *

Board of Directors

  1. Main Director : Pinohadi G. Sumardi
  2. Director : R. Eryawan Nurhariadi
  3. Director : William Francis Indra

For further information regarding PT Mandiri Tunas Finance, you can visit the official Mandiri Tunas Finance website www.mtf. co. id.